Recreational Use of Marijuana Legal in Colorado Dec. 10

Recreational use of marijuana became legal in Colorado after Governor John Hickenlooper signed the Executive Order to make the “official declaration of the vote” in relation to the famous Amendment 64, which passed by a 55.33% majority on Nov. 4 of this year.

The declaration signed by the Governor officially formalizes A64 as part of the Colorado Constitution and now makes personal use legal. An adult over the age of 21 may also possess marijuana and is also entitled to limited home-growing.

Governor Hickenlooper created a task force to help residents understand the policy, legal and procedural issues that need to be addressed and resolved within A64.

The legal issues that may need to be ironed out include DUI Marijuana. Under Colorado law, any detectable amount of THC could lead to a DUI charge. How Colorado’s marijuana DUI law will reflect their new stance on possession remains to be worked out by lawmakers.